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Watlow Series 94 Limit Control - Retrofit Guide

Watlow has discontinued the Series 94 and they are no longer available.

Use the Retrofit Application below to find the Watlow recommended replacement
for your Watlow Series 94 Limit Control or call us for help.

The Watlow Series 94 Limit Control is a microprocessor-based control with single input, dual output. This controller is added to thermal applications to limit over-temperature conditions. The limit controller provides safety assurance against instances where a high temperature runaway condition could occur from a shorted input sensor or an output device that could fail in a closed position. A limit controller is recommended for any application where thermal runaway could affect operator safety, cause damage to capital equipment, produce large product scrap costs or create a fire hazard.

Watlow’s Series 94 is a 1/16 DIN temperature controller with an optional NEMA 4X (IP65) front panel. This high performance controller is ideal for applications such as furnaces and ovens, environmental chambers, semiconductor manufacturing, food processing or anywhere over-temperature protection is needed. Since the NEMA 4X front panel can be hosed or wiped down without damage to the controller it is also excellent for use where equipment needs to be cleaned frequently. The compact size of the controller allows more flexibility in applications where space is a problem.

The Series 94 also has many of the standard Watlow features, such as dual digital display, accuracy at ±0.1 percent of span, a wide operating environment from 0 to 65°C at 115V~(ac) line voltage power or 0 to 60°C for 230V~(ac) power, and easy setup with operator friendly prompts.

Download Watlow Series 94 Control Brochure (pdf)

Download Watlow Series 94 Control User Manual (pdf)

Watlow Series 94 Retrofit Application
The Watlow recommended replacement for your Series 94 Control is the EZ-Zone PM Express Series**. To find the Watlow recommended replacement for your Watlow Series 94 Limit Controller, please enter the part number of your existing Watlow 94 using the pull down menus below, then click on the submit button below, the replacement part number and price will be shown on the next page.
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** Please note that the EZ-Zone PM Express is not a "plug and play" replacement for the Series 94. Your new control will probably require re-wiring and re-programming, please follow the installation instructions carefully that will be included.
This page last modified on 7/1/2016

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