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Watlow Series 97 Limit Control- Retrofit Guide

Watlow has discontinued the Series 97 and they are no longer available.

Use the Retrofit Application below to find the Watlow recommended replacement
for your Watlow Series 97 Limit Control or call us for help.

Over-Temperature Limit Controller
With User Defined Messages

Watlow’s Series 97 is a microprocessor-based controller with a single input, second auxiliary input and four outputs. Input 1 is used to measure temperature from a sensor. Input 2 can be utilized as a remote reset switch or a hardware lockout switch. With up to four outputs, the controller is versatile in handling applications that require a high/low limit, alarms, retransmit and communications. The control is so user friendly it can be set up to display safety and limit messages created by the end user to meet the exact application need.

The Series 97 limit controller is added to thermal applications to limit over-temperature conditions. It provides safety assurance against instances where a high temperature runaway condition could occur from a shorted input sensor or an output device that could fail in a closed position. The Series 97 is recommended for any application where thermal runaway could result in large product scrap costs, affect operator safety, cause damage to equipment, or create a fire hazard.

The Series 97 is manufactured by ISO 9001 registered Watlow Controls and reliably backed up by their three-year warranty.

Download Watlow Series 97 Control Brochure (pdf)

Download Watlow Series 97 Control User Manual (pdf)

Watlow Series 97 Retrofit Application
To find the Watlow recommended replacement for your Watlow Series 97 Limit Controller, please enter the part number of your existing Watlow 97 using the pull down menus below, then click on the submit button below, the replacement part number and price will be shown on the next page.
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This page last modified on 7/1/2016

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