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EZ-Zone™ PM Integrated Controllers
Panel Mount Temperature & Limit Controls
Watlow EZ-Zone PM Controllers
Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Controllers -
Take the Pain Out of Solving Your Thermal Loop Requirements

Watlow's EZ-Zone™ PM panel mount controller offers control options to reduce system complexity and the cost of thermal loop ownership. You can order the EZ-Zone PM as a PID controller, an over/under limit controller, or these functions can be combined into an integrated controller. You now have the option to integrate a high amperage power controller output with a high-performance PID controller and an over'under limit controller in one space-saving, panel mount package. A number of serial communication options are available to support your connectivity needs.

Because the EZ-Zone PM controller is high scalable you only pay for what you need. This controller is available in 1/32 DIN or 1/16 DIN panel mount packages. If you are looking for a PID controller, an over/under limit controller or an integrated controller, the EZ-Zone PM will make your life easier.

The new Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Express is the next generation of controllers, leveraging the strong legacy of Watlow's Series 93, Series 935 and Series SD Controllers where easy-to-use features are needed for basic applications. It includes one universal input and the option for up to two outputs and is available in 1/32 DIN and 1/16 DIN panel mount packages. The EZ-Zone PM Express can be ordered as a PID process controller or a dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller. The simplified "Express" menu fits basic applications with a user-friendly interface supported by two menus and a streamlined list of parameters. It eliminates user complexity often encountered when having to deal with more advanced controllers and unnecessary features. Like all Watlow EZ-Zone controllers, it comes with Standard Bus Communications for easy product configuration via PC communications protocol and free software. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use, but very powerful, basic PID controller or limit controller, then the EZ-Zone PM Express will be the ideal controller to use.

Features and Benefits - Standard

  • Advanced PID Control Algorithm
    • Offers Tru-Tune™+ adaptive control to provide tighter control for demanding applications
    • Provides auto-tune for fast, efficient start-up
  • Configuration Communications with Software
    • Saves time & improves reliability of controller setup
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Approved Over/Under Limit with Auxiliary Outputs
    • Increases user and equipment safety
  • Memory for Saving & Restoring Parameter Settings
    • Reduces services calls & down time
  • Agency Approvals: UL listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E. FM, SEMI F47-0200, Class I div. 2 rating on selected models
    • Reduces end product documentation costs
    • Assures prompt product acceptance
  • P3T Armor Sealing System
    • Complies to NEMA 4X, IP66
    • Allows controller to be cleaned and washed down
    • UL 50 independent certification to NEMA 4X specification
  • Touch-Safe Package
    • Complies to IP2X requirements
    • Increases safety to installer and operator
  • Consistent Termination Labeling (CTL) Connection System
    • Allows removable cage clamp connectors
    • Provides consistent termination labeling
  • EZ-Key
    • Enables one-touch operation of user defined repetitive activities
  • Programmable Menu System
    • Reduces setup time & increases operator efficiency
  • Three-Year Warranty
    • Demonstrates Watlow's reliability and product support

Features and Benefits - Optional

  • Integrated & PID Limit Controller
    • Reduced wiring time and termination complexity compared to connecting discrete products
    • Reduces panel space
    • Reduces installation costs
    • Increases user and equipment safety for over/under temperature conditions
  • High Amperage Power Control Output
    • Drives 15 amp resistive loads direct
    • Reduces component count
    • Saves panel space and simplifies wiring
    • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Current Monitoring
    • Detects heater current flow and provides alarm indication of a failed output device or heater load
  • Serial Communications Capabilities
    • Provides a wide range of protocol choices including Modbus RTU, Ethernet/IP™, Modbus TCP
    • Supports network connectivity to a PC or PLC
  • Class I div. 2
    • UL 1604 rated for use in hazardous locations
  • Remote Set Point Operation
    • Supports efficient set point manipulation from a remote device such as a master control or PLC
  • Profile Capability
    • Offers pre-programmed process control
    • Allows ramp/soak programming with four files and 40 total steps
  • Retransmit
    • Supports industry needs for product process recording

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Spec Sheet (pdf 316K)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM PID Temperature Control Manual (pdf 3.1MB)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Integrated Control Manual (pdf 3.3MB)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Limit Control Manual (pdf 3.1MB)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Express Spec Sheet(pdf 162K)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Express PID Control Manual (pdf 1.5 MB)

Download the Watlow EZ-Zone™ PM Express Limit Control Manual (pdf 1.65 MB)

Watlow EZ-Zone PM - Ordering Configuration Pages
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This page last modified on 3/12/2012

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