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Watlow Series SSR Solid State Relays
Longer Heater Life at a Lower Cost
Watlow Solid State Relays

Watlow’s SSR Series of Solid State Selays and Heat Sinks offers many of the advantages of solid state power controls, yet at a lower cost. There are two different versions available: the first rated for applications up to 240VAC; and the second rated for applications up to 480VAC. Both products include back-to-back SCRs for a more rugged design than the traditional triac based solid state relay. The internal design allows it to handle high currents and the harsh electrical environments of heavy industry.

They feature zero cross firing for minimal electrical noise. The fast cycle card on the SSR allows faster switching which gives tighter temperature control for better production and increased heater life. When the internal temperature of the heating element remains constant, it will last alot longer than a heater that experiences continual temperature fluctuations. The total size is just 1-3/4” x 2-1/4”.

Watlow can provide all the components necessary for trouble-free operation. This includes two standard convenience items: a thermal foil to ensure proper thermal transfer from the relay to the heat sink; and belville washers that ensure the relay is mounted with sufficient pressure for good heat transfer. Matched semiconductor fuses and heat sinks are available to complete the power switching package. Agency approvals include UL®, CSA and VDE.

Download Watlow SSR Solid State Relay Brochure (pdf )

Watlow Solid State Relays shown mounted on optional Watlow Heat Sinks.
Watlow Series SSR Solid State Relay & Heat Sink Stock List
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Code # Output
Output Voltage
Input Control
(Burst Fire)
Price Order Quantity
SSR-240-10A-DC1 10 120/240VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-240-25A-DC1 25 120/240VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-240-40A-DC1 40 120/240VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-240-50A-DC1 50 120/240VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-240-75A-DC1 75 120/240VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-240-10A-AC1 10 120/240VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-240-25A-AC1 25 120/240VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-240-40A-AC1 40 120/240VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-240-50A-AC1 50 120/240VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-240-75A-AC1 75 120/240VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-480-25A-DC1 25 480VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-480-50A-DC1 50 480VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-480-75A-DC1 75 480VAC 3-32Vdc
Zero Cross
SSR-480-25A-AC1 25 480VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-480-50A-AC1 50 480VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-480-75A-AC1 75 480VAC 90-280VAC
Zero Cross
SSR-240-10A-RND 10 240VAC 3-32Vdc
SSR-100-20A-DC1 20 100Vdc 3-32Vdc $73.00
* Non-stock
Code # SSR Rating Price
Order Quantity
Z100-0815-000A 18 amp $20.40
Z100-0815-000B 35 amp $30.60
Z100-0815-000C 55 amp $51.00
Z100-0815-12FC (Fan cooled - 120V fan) 75 amp $96.90
Z100-0815-24FC (Fan cooled - 240V fan) 75 amp $96.90
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