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Watlow SpecView HMI Controller Software
Easy-to-Use Interface to Watlow Controllers including the EZ-Zone
SpecView from Watlow® is an easy-to-use human machine interface (HMI) solution for providing a cost effective user interface to Watlow controllers including the EZ-ZONE® integrated controllers and third-party products. Using SpecView HMI software from Watlow means getting a single point of support for hardware, software and application questions. The software has many beneficial features in addition to being price competitive compared to third-party options.

SpecView from Watlow is a commercially accepted and proven product with years of customer-suggested and field-proven features and functionality. This software saves set-up time compared to tag-based systems because it has built-in support and auto-detect for Watlow controllers. The user does not need to learn the intricate details of communications protocols to configure the software thus decreasing set-up time.

Process adjustments and machine troubleshooting are more easily accomplished with graphed data on trend charts. SpecView from Watlow was designed for industrial users’ needs providing features such as bar code readers and touch screens. Errors are reduced, for any process, by customizing displays for specific application needs. The software provides flexibility in data logging, a historical replay option, easy-to-use recipe features and remote access options.

Customers who wish to try before they buy can download SpecView from Watlow and run the software in the time-limited demo mode. Click here for SpecView Demo Version.


Built-in support and auto-detect for controllers
• Saves set-up time
• Eliminates need to learn communications protocols
• Integrates devices from multiple vendors
Flexible data logging and report generator
• Reduces labor and increases accuracy by automating data collection for chosen parameters
• Allows the addition of data acquisition to existing processes
• Saves time by exporting data to Excel®-compatible spreadsheet files
• Allows data to be grouped in user-defined batches
• Incorporates measurements, operator comments and other information into reports
• Records operator actions
Easy-to-build, customizable screens
• Allows simple custom screen editing
• Simplifies monitoring and adjusting controller parameters
• Reduces errors by making displays application-specific
• Decreases training time
• Integrates sophisticated third-party elements with ActiveX container option
• Automates many tasks with user-defined buttons
• Makes important information stand out with font size and color
• Calls attention to specific parameter values with user-set color dynamics
• Allows touch screen compatibility
• Provides bar graphs for ‘at-a-glance’ monitoring
• Limits access with passwords if desired

Download Watlow SpecView Software Brochure (pdf format 1.8MB)

Track and report batch-specific processing data with Watlow SpecView software.
Use SpecView to create application-specific screens that depict process data so users can relate.
Use SpecView to make screens with most often used parameters and enable recipe management to reduce operator errors when setting values.
S V __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ 0 0
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13
To order, make a selection in each category below,
then click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.
The part number and price will be displayed on the next page.
1-2. Software Model
SV = SpecView - Windows-based HMI controller software

3. Version (choose S or M)
S = Standard - Expand configurations beyond the two instrument limit of the mini version
M = Mini - Operate a system with data with on or two instruments. Includes historial replay option and allows up to two instruments.

4. Ports (choose S or M)
S = Single - Communicate with instruments on only one serial communications port or only via Ethernet only.
M = Multiple - Communicate with instruments on more than one serial communications port and via Ethernet.

5. Historical Replay and Strategy Controller (choose 0, H, S or B)
0 = None (not available for Mini Version)
H = Historical replay - Replay logged data on screens in trends, bar graphs and numeric fields. Without this option, replay is limited to the last four hours of data. (standard on Mini Version, extra cost $395 for Standard Version)
S = Strategy controller - Configure SpecView to respond automatically to events such as specific parameter values with actions such as printing the screen, starting logging or download a recipe. Events can also be time or calendar based. Without this strategy controller option there is a two event limit. (not available for Mini Version, choose B below if needed)
B = Both Historical replay & strategy controller ($395 for Mini Version, $790 for Standard Version)

6. DDE and OPC (choose 0, D, C or B)
0 = None
D = DDE - Integrate SpecView with other Windows programs.
C = OPC client - Connect SpecView to instruments via a third-party OPC server.
B = Both DDE and OPC client

7. ActiveX Container (choose 0 or A)
0 = None
A = ActiveX container - Integrate third-party or customer-written ActiveX controls into SpecView.

8-9. Remote Users (enter the number of simultaneous remote users from 00 to 99 in two digits)
## = Number of simultaneous remote users - Monitor instruments from multiple computers simultaneously. Order the number of remote users corresponding to the maximum number of additional computers needed to connect simultaneously.

10. Special Watlow Drivers (choose 0 or 1)
0 = None
1 = Series F4 programmer - Use the computer to manage profiles: program profiles in the computer, save profiles on the computer, or download profiles that are saved on the computer to the Series F4.

11. Third Party Drivers (choose 0 or 1)
0 = None
1 = Allen-Bradley DF1 (AB) - Connect for Allen-Bradley PLCs that support the DF1 protocol.
Special drivers for other third-party products (Honeywell, Eurotherm, Yokogawa and Marathon ) are available directly from SpecView.
12. Update Plan (choose 0 or 5)
0 = One year of free updates
5 = Five additional years of updates (six years total)

13 Future Options
0 = None

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