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Watlow Style 74 Brass Shim Thermocouple
Plastics Standard - Thousands Available in 1 Day
Watlow Style 74 Brass Shim Thermocouple temperature sensors - The Watlow shim stock thermocouple has a low profile and can be placed between components for measurement of surface temperature. They are available in other shim dimensions, call West Coast Plastics for details.

Achieving specified temperature levels is critical to industrial processes. It's imperative that temperature sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications for accuracy and reliability. Watlow is committed to providing you with the most accurate, high-integrity temperature measurement products possible. Watlow offers from stock the greatest breadth of contact temperature measurement sensors and related components. Whatever your temperature sensing needs, Watlow can provide the optimum configuration, with the accuracy you require.

FAST DELIVERY--Watlow’s “custom-tailored” stock program allows same or next day shipment on over 5,000,000 thermocouple variations. The program includes: 32 standard sheath lengths; lead lengths from 6 to 999 inches; stainless steel braid or hose protection; J, K, T, & E calibrations; grounded, ungrounded & exposed junctions; flat, rounded and drill point tips.

TERMINATION OPTIONS include: 2-1/2” split leads, spade lugs, 1/2” BX connector & space lugs, 1/4” & 3/16” push on female disconnect, standard size male & female TC plugs, miniature size male & female TC plugs. See chart below.

To order a Watlow Brass Shim Thermocouple build the desired 11-digit model part number using the ordering information form below.

Download Watlow Style 74 Thermocouple Catalog Page (pdf)

Custom Ordering Information -
Watlow Brass Shim Style Thermocouples
7 4 X ____ ____ G A ____ ____ ____ ____
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
To order, make a selection in each category below, enter the quantity needed,
then click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.
The part number and price will be displayed on the next page.
NOTE: Prices shown are for orders of 5 pieces or more.
There is a higher price for low quantity orders which is shown on next page.
1-2 Construction Style Price
74 = Brass shim stock thermocouple $13.40

3. Sheath Diameter
X = Not applicable NC

4. Calibration (choose J ,K, T or E)
J = Type J NC
K = Type K NC
T = Type T NC
E = Type E NC

5. Lead Protection (choose F or T)
F = Fiberglass (24 gauge solid) $1.27/12 in.
T = PFA (24 gauge solid) $1.27/12 in.

6. Junction
G = Grounded NC

7. Shim Size
A = 1/2 inch x 5/8 inch x 0.016 inch thick brass NC

8-10. Lead Length (whole inches) (enter 6 to 360)
see Item #5

11. Termination (choose A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H)
A = Standard, 2-1/2 inch split leads NC
B = 2-1/2 inch split leads with #6 spade lugs $1.75
C = 2-1/2 inch split leads with #6 spade lugs and BX connector $6.25
D = Standard male plug, quick disconnect $10.00
E = Standard female jack, quick disconnect $11.50
F = Miniature male plug, quick disc. (24 gauge wire only, no hose) $8.20
G = Miniature female jack, quick disc. (24 gauge wire only, no hose) $9.00
H = 1/4 inch push-on connector $1.70

ENTER QUANTITY (Higher price applies for quantities less than 5 pieces)

Watlow Thermocouple Termination Options
A = 2-1/2" Split Leads B = Spade Lugs D = Standard Plug-Male E = Standard Plug-Female
C = BX Connector with
Space Lugs
H = 1/4" Push On
Female Quick Disconnect
F = Miniature Plug-Male G = Miniature Plug-Female
This page last modified on 1/18/2018
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