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Watview HMI Controller Software
Windows Compatible with Data-Logging Capabilities

NOTICE: Watlow has DISCONTINUED Watview Software
It is no longer available.
Look at Watlow SpecView for your Controller Software needs.
WATVIEW is Watlow’s HMI (Human/Machine Interface) software designed to set up and monitor controllers from Watlow, all in one system. Up to 32 controllers may be connected for simultaneous communications. With easy controller setup, a recipe and alarm manager, data-logging and trend plot graphing capabilities, animated custom overview screens and a superior online help system, you can be assured that WATVIEW is the ideal software for your application.

Note: WATVIEW™ is not compatible with Windows®
Vista or Windows® 7 and does not support Watlow EZ-ZONE® controllers. Please consider SpecView for your HMI software needs.


Easy Controller Setup - WATVIEW automatically detects which controllers are connected to the computer, then WATVIEW loads the appropriate setup screens for those controllers. Use built-in setup screens to adjust the controller parameters, or the simple “spreadsheet view” for a quick, intuitive interface. The spreadsheet categorizes all controller parameters according to their parameter groupings.

Recipe Manager - All editions of WATVIEW include the ability to create recipes (arrays of controller settings). Recipes can be created, edited, stored and downloaded to the controllers. Use recipes to store commonly used controller settings, to speed up repetitive controller setups, and to create a “snapshot” of your setups. The Run-Time and Developer editions also include a calendar-start function, allowing users to automatically download recipes on a one-time or repeating schedule.

Alarm Manager - WATVIEW receives alarms from the connected controllers, maintains a log of alarms, and allows users to clear and acknowledge alarms while the system is running (Run-Time and Developer Editions only).

Data-Logging and Trend Plot Graphs - WATVIEW includes continuous data-logging of the parameters you choose. You can export the collected data to an Excel®-compatible spreadsheet file, or view up to 20 data items on a WATVIEW trend plot graph. With WATVIEW’s Run-Time and Developer Editions an unlimited number of graphs may be named and stored for simple future retrieval.

Colorful, Animated Custom Overview Screens - Import your own graphics (such as digital camera photos) to create custom screens, easily! WATVIEW Custom Overviews incorporate your graphic images with real-time data from the controllers, to make a custom interface. With the Developer Edition, you can use WATVIEW’s AnaMator program to create animated sequences, which can show your actual process in action.

Superior Online Help System - The online help system built into WATVIEW has replaced the printed manual, and far exceeds the printed version’s capabilities. Use the online help to navigate through setup procedures, obtain specific help for various Watlow controllers, locate context-sensitive help, or search and browse the entire contents. This online help system is a superior feature for HMI software and is included with each edition of WATVIEW.


System Requirements: Windows® XP (U.S. versions and settings required), Pentium® 200 MHz processor, 32-128 MB RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution, 16-bit or higher color palette (“High Color”), Serial Communications or Ethernet port, Microsoft®-compatible pointing device (mouse or trackball), Parallel or USB port, 200MB hard drive space, CD-ROM drive or Internet connection (for installation only).

Controllers Supported: The current version of WATVIEW supports the following controllers:

  • Series 96
  • Series 97
  • MICRODIN (call for more information)
  • Series F4S
  • Series F4D
  • Series F4P
  • Series SD
  • Series CAS200
  • Series CLS200
  • Series MLS300
  • CPC400
  • Power Series
  • EM Gateway


Watview-RT: The Run-Time Edition - Provides all functions including trend plot graphing, setup screens, data-logging, recipe manager with calendar-start, spreadsheet data editor, system activity log, and alarm manager. The Run-Time Edition will “play back” custom screens created with the Developer Edition.

Watview-DV: The Developer Edition - Includes all functions of the Run-Time Edition plus a custom screen designer and user-defined variables.

Watview-CNF: The Configurator Edition
- Includes only spreadsheet data editor, setup screens, system activity log, and recipe manager without calendar start.

Download Watlow Watview HMI Software Brochure (pdf 735K)